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Our Winery

Our Winery

Langanook is a 20 tonne Winery that employs the best of traditional winemaking methods. Handcrafting of each wine is made possible because of the limit on grapes processed.


The grapes when crushed (must) are moved by gravity to avoid oxidation and pulverisation of the must. The rich berry characters of the fruit must be allowed to express themselves in the final wine. Our winemaking follows the principle of minimal intervention and minimal fining whilst taking every care to avoid wine spoilage.

Viognier skins are added to the Syrah ferments. Some juice is taken off at an early stage for Rosé to increase the intensity of the premium wines. We get colour and flavour from the grape skins so the higher the proportion of skins in the juice the better. At the end of fermentation the wine is left in contact with the skins for 3 weeks to assist in tannin extraction and then gently pressed with an Air Bag press.

Matt Hunter with wine barrels

^ Photo courtesy Kate FitzGerald (Bendigo Magazine)

Only the best fine grained oak barriques are used - predominantly French but American oak is also used to increase complexity. The wine matures in oak barriques for up to 2 years before bottling. The blending process in producing these premium wines is designed to achieve intensity, complexity and an interesting palate length. Premium wines are not released until at least one year's bottle age has occurred.

Winery Business

'Langanook Wines' is a registered Business Name 1256048K and 'Langanook' is a registered trade mark No 945548.